Friday, August 04, 2006

Hello, everyone - British History 101 is usually recorded on Thursday evenings and pops up on iTunes sometime Friday morning (I'm not sure how other podcatching software works - it may show up sooner or later than it does on iTunes with another program), and if your program is set to download new episodes automatically, you'll see that I'm running behind. I do apologize for this - between beginning a new job and then a random but much-needed getaway Wednesday and Thursday, I have been so busy I haven' t been to record a podcast (quite a shame, I might add - BH101 is a history podcast, and after all time doesn't slow down for anyone, does it? Sure didn't for Harold in 1066...). Anyways, my babbling aside, I am going to record the next episode tomorrow (Saturday 5 August) and will release it ASAP. I'm terribly sorry for the delay but I'm sure you all know how these things happen! Much gratitude to those who subscribe to British History 101 and enjoy it - as much as I love British history, reading emails and comments to this blog really make my day and glad that other people share my Anglophilia.

On a side note - I appreciate the comments that people have left on this blog, but unfortunately I've had to switch the system to allow only registered Blogger users to comment on posts - I began getting spam comments for phony websites, and those have no place here. I welcome comments from legitimate listeners, though, so if you'd like to comment, click on the orange Blogger link on the right side of this page and register - it's quick and easy, and I'd love to hear from you. Of course, there's always, and I check that several times daily, so you'll get a personal response if you choose to use that.

Thanks again! We'll learn together tomorrow!


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